Beautiful, but not for me. For now.


The new iPad.

Like many, I sat comfortably in a chair, clutching my iPad 2, wondering how much life my 8-month old post-PC device has left in it as live blogs refreshed with breaking news from Apple’s event. Predictably, the company touted a fancy high res screen, souped up innards, and an (belated) advanced camera system. Unpredictably, “HD” and “3″ were not mentioned following the word “iPad.” that was perhaps the biggest surprise about the new iPad.

That, and the new dictation feature that will let me be a starship captain as I tell my iPad what to blog for me.

Still, it was exciting! I normally reserve this level of excitement for Nintendo E3 presentations. I hopped onto the Apple site shortly thereafter and watched the presentation, even after knowing the script. I tried many times to update my iPhone to iOS 5.1 over the air, until I gave up and did it the old fashion way through iTunes. I wonder just how slammed Apple’s servers got…

Really, since I’m going to continue to love and cherish my now-antiquated iPad (until the next new iPad, most likely), the biggest delight was the iPhoto announcement. I couldn’t download that fast enough. I’m excited to see how much I’ll use it for quick photo edits. I’m more excited to use journals to share content, like this Parliament Tour.


This is clearly Apple wanting to increase iCloud subscriptions.

Also, why continue 16GB devices? They’re useless, especially if apps and videos will take more space as they fill up that screen. I’m always trying to create more space on my 32GB iPad now as it is! This makes me curious actually… People complained when they discovered the iPad 2 warmed up with heavy use. Will this be a bigger problem?

I’m hoping this year to get an iMac to basically fill out my Apple ecosphere. That, and I really need to replace my dying laptop… For that reason alone you can have my place in that line that’s sure to form at the Rideau Centre next week.