Canada Foundation for Nepal (CFFN) is a registered non-profit working on various fronts to improve the education system in Nepal. With this organization, I oversee podcast delivery, assist with the development of an open university, and am researching a video tutorial approach. As the organization grows and reaches out, I will be responsible to building the brand through social channels. (see Twitter)

I Heart OC Transpo

I Heart OC Transpo is a Twitter/Blog pairing where I comment on and respond to amusing and positive comments on Ottawa’s public transportation system. I write from the perspective of an experienced OC Transpo user who wishes that OC Transpo become a positive experience for everyone. (see Blog, Twitter)

WMC Ottawa Twitter

Working with the Ottawa manager for Warner Music Canada, I am assisting with the creation and updates of the Ottawa WMC Twitter feed. (see Twitter)


Past Projects

Two Peas in a Podcast

Two Peas in a Podcast was a show about both nothing and everything, hosted by Prashanta and me. We had great fun recording and actually had a few listeners! Unfortunately, ir proved difficult at the time to record from across the province and during school, so we halted production. Perhaps it will one day be revived…