107 – Vanquished Malware at N45.113 W75.347

201010_05_02 - Mushrooms in the Field

201010_05_04 - Photo Op

201010_05_21 - Jason Mraz XIII

201010_12_04 - Glancing Upwards

201010_17_01 - Gum Post

201010_17_04 - New Trick

Much has happened in the past month. I’ve been to two concerts, tried Geocaching, got an iPhone, cleaned my website, and got into following the municipal election.

Jason Mraz and Stars. Both were fantastic in their own way. I met Mr. A-Z (do people call him that? Shoulda asked), and fell in love with a few of his new songs, most notable What Mama Say. First concert at Scotiabank Place, to! Stars had fantastic lighting and a great crowd, and are really good live. Very impressed.

iPhone4. Is there more to say? It’s perhaps the best device I’ve ever owned.

It was attacked somehow recently, and unwanted script ended up on every page. So I cleaned it out old school, and now there shouldn’t be any malware warnings when people visit. Check it out: BenjaminWood.Net! My blog, as part of the site, had also been flagged, so I hadn’t updated it just because of that headache. Maybe I’ll write more often now.

One of the results of having an iPhone. Now I can know exactly where I am (within 5 metres, or sometimes 10)… which means I can find caches! I’ve found 17 so far, with Jen, Susma, Grace, Jon, and Leo. Leo is so awesome by the way! I’ve never seen a dog do a handstand before. Just knowing that peole have hidden things all over really renews my sense of the world around me. the Geocaching App is the best app investment I’ve made so far (Cut the Rope being a close second).

Mayor, councillor… the bus strike really showed me how important this municipal thing is! I’ve been following websites, news, blogs, etc, trying to figure out who will hold my interests in transit and transit and, well, that’s mainly what I’m concerned about. I’ll write more tomorrow probably.

096 – Day at the Beach and Migrating Blogs

201004_02_19 - Falling

201004_02_12 - Rocky Terrain

201004_02_11 - Against the Water

201004_02_10 - Father and Daughter

201004_02_05 - Glide

My blog has moved! There were lots of fancy terms involved, including migration, canonical, cname, and propagated, but it was all very simple to do (thanks largely to Google’s Blogger team). now instead of being at benjaminwood.net/blog, they will be at blog.benjaminwod.net. HUGE difference, am I right?

School is beginning to wind down, after some huge, but successfully completed assignments. Only one presentation to go, plus exams. Speaking of presentations, I gave one about product placement yesterday, and have made it available at on my site (www.benjaminwood.net/presentation) because it’s so cool. I basically took an iPad picture and made it interactive, included video, and made little apps to go from one slide to the next.


And I guess while I’m gushing about site-related business, I made a few minor updates, including a new picture that I use for my site’s main navigation. I can’t wait to have more time to add more content to my site. And play videogames.

Photos: I spent part of Good Friday on the beach. It was warmer then than it is now…

094 – BenjaminWood.Net Newly Updated!

In between all the pain of recovering, drastically rearranged sleep schedule, and trying to stay comfortable, I have been able to update my website (www.benjaminwood.net). I had the idea over a year ago, what took so long was finding a reasonable design for the portfolio, as well as filling that portfolio.

It’s become very tricky to make a personal website these days. Thanks to all the features of Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook – and to a lesser extent delicious, reddit, linkedin, and dozens of other sites – there isn’t a whole lot to do yourself. I guess, the ultimate would be to combine all these social networks into a coherent, useful site. But I’m sure such a feature already exists.

Part of this design was to change around this blog so that it fits better with the site as a whole. I did what I could, but I’m afraid any more changed would cause the template to explode!

So, I’ll see what I can end up adding to the site. I imagine, however, that 99% of additions will be though the blog, twitter, and Flickr. I did make it easy to change the pictures throughout, so hopefully I’ll change them and you’ll be surprised!

039 – Doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou dot

New Website

Yesterday, I was just abuzz with energy, so I began work on my website, for the first time in about two years. And surprisingly, I’m almost done! Hopefully I’ll get enough work done on it this weekend so that it can go up. The image is just a snippit of what’ll be shown on the site.

And the Sens aren’t in the playoffs anymore! I was looking forward to working on those dead nights where the entire city is collectively focused on televisions big and small not in the store. Oh well, what’s that great Ottawan saying? “There’s always next year”?