092 – OC Transpo Strike Started a Year Ago

200912_09_02 - Mailman

200912_09_03 - Blizzard

200912_09_04 - Crow

200911_22_01 - Wall-E CakeAlign Center

So the OC Transpo strike started a year ago. And looking back at it all, I still have these annoyed feelings about the fact that it happened, and they didn’t really get anywhere, since the reason for it ending was originally on the table as a way to prevent it. And lately, I’ve been getting more and more annoyed with the service. I actually called and made a complaint about an issue, but that doesn’t go far enough. Maybe I’ll write them a letter old-person-style, stamps and all.

That first day of the strike wasn’t unlike today – blizzardy. It felt like the first true day of winter – just in time for the Christmas season too! And only 9 more days until I’m done school for the year. Then a bit longer.

Then what? I do have some ideas, some of which (unfortunately) involve even more school. We’ll see what grows to fruition.

Speaking of school, here’s a sequence I worked on with my teammates for one of our final projects:

200911_26_01 - Gilette Man

200911_26_02 - Gillette Man Hand

200911_26_03 - Gillette Man Photoshop

Dave, our model, is part of an ad campaign for Gillette’s line of hair care products. We got a picture of him holding the bottle. While this was a start, it lacked what experts call “oomph”. To fix this, I took a close-up picture of his hand holding the bottle, and with some Photoshop magic, made his picture come to life. Maybe I’ll showcase all the ads next time.

And yes, I had a Wall-E cake for my birthday.

075 – Crisis Averted

200904_17_01 - BEN obtains CAMERA!

200903_28_k01 - Parking Lot

200903_28_k02 - Modern Wine

200904_05_k01 - Evil Laurier

200904_16_k02 - Dining Buddies

200904_16_k04 - Looking Good

I had a presentation on April 1, and I brought my camera with me, thinking that I would record it for later playback. Just as it was my turn to go up, I chickened out of such a plan (ended up doing very well on my presentation… perhaps I should have but oh well), and after the presentations were all done, I came home. Over a week later, I go looking for my camera. It’s not in my room, its not on the main floor… it’s not under my bed (few things end up there, my skates being one of them). Is it at Prashanta’s? Nope. Does Prabin have it? Nope. Is it at work? Nope. Mary’s? Nah. Where could it have gone? I’m scratching my head, before I reluctantly admit that perhaps I lost it. I asked my teacher about it, and who teaches in that room next. This leads to a dead end, though with sympathies – nobody likes to hear a camera has gone missing. Because of the long weekend, OC Transpo lost and found isn’t too easy to get hold of.

Do I really need to buy a new camera 2 weeks before going on a trip?

What kind of camera would I buy? A cheap n easy point and shoot to tide me over? A fancy high end point and shoot like I have now? Plan for the future and go DSLR? Would I even have time to learn a new camera?

I try OC’s lost and found one more time:

Ben: Hi. I lost a camera about two weeks ago. I just checking to see if maybe it ended up with you guys.
L&F: Lemme check *hold*

As I wait, I know the next minutes will reveal to me my future. Whether I get my camera back, or whether someone is enjoying it somewhere and I need to go shopping.

L&F: Can you describe your camera? What make is it?
Ben: It’s a pretty big one, Panasonic Lumix.
L&F: *hold*

Now my heart is pounding.

L&F: Is there any distinguishing features about it?
Ben: It’s in a Lowepre case. I think the memory card is empty… The case has a Wall-E Pin on it.
L&F: What’s a wallapin?
Ben: It’s a pin. Of Wall-E. From Disney-Pixar’s movie? Cute robot? Yellow. Has a pet cockroach…
L&F: Haha, I think I missed that one
Ben: It’s an awesome movie. You should see it.
L&F: *hold*

Everyone should see Wall-E. And yes, I actually said “Disney-Pixar”.

L&F: We have your camera here!

*heart skips beat*

Oddly I was slightly disappointed because I was warming up to the idea of going SLR shopping. But It’d rather have money for Disney. And I love my camera. And was excited to have it back. At my earliest convenience, I went all the way downtown and picked it up. Just as I left it, though more loved. I’d sleep with it under my pillow if it weren’t so big and lumpy.

As celebration for not having to buy a new camera, I bought Rhythm Heaven for the Nintendo DS. It’s so much fun. I’m so happy that Nintendo let this one be its own game and didn’t shoehorn it into a WarioWare game with comical uses of Starfox and Mario and Zelda for the minigames. It’s perfect as-is. It’s also very old school arcade-like in the twitch-perfect mechanic you need to use to get high scores. My only disappointment with it is how long it took to come stateside.

Pictures: Me and my camera, finally reuinited (and a dusty mirror), Bayshore parking lot, wine Prashanta, Prabin, and I had a while ago (why I got to thinking my camera might have been there, but then remembered it was before my presentation), Evil Laurier, Shawn and Krystal, guiro lizards hook up after a mating call (yes, rhythm heaven is pretty random).

061 – Wall-E Collection

To kick off the exciting time that is anticipating Disneyworld, I thought I would study exactly how much Disney-related stuff I’ve amassed in recent times. This time, I’ll focus on Wall-E. The little robot that could is just too awesome. Everybody knows that I’m the “Wall-E guy” and have been since well before the movie came out. And while I don’t have the crazy $300 interactive robot, I have collected a number of items both purchased by me or given to me as a gift.

200901_27_01 - Interactive Wall-E

This interactive, dancing Wall-E talks, has eyes that light up, and can even play music from an MP3 player.

200901_27_02 - Wall-E Drawing

I went all out and bought the 3-Disk edition of the DVD. The extra special feature disk rocks! Especially with the extra deleted scenes.

200901_27_03 - Pop-Up Storage

Wall-E Laundry. What could be better?

200901_27_04 - Eye-Changing Eve

Eve changes her expression when you bop her on the head, has a plant in her belly, and even has an interchangeable arm cannon.

200901_27_05 - M-O

M-O can actually suck up little particles when he runs over them!

200901_27_06 - Tap Dancin'

Wall-E Tap dances when you pull his string. Also the lamp that he’s under has wall-e stickers on the shade.

200901_27_07 - Baseball

Let’s play ball!

200901_27_08 - Calendar

I even have a Wall-E Calendar. February’s picture is all pink. And if you’re wondering, the necklace hanging in front is a Heroes symbol, like the Haitian wears.

200901_27_09 - Wall-E Pin

Wall-E a bit bang up from exploring the real world.

200901_27_10 - Pins

EVE and M-O pins on a lanyard (to be detailed later).

200901_27_11 - Posters

Matching posters in a retro advertisement style.

200901_27_12 - Dome Tumbler (Detail)

200901_27_13 - Dome Tumbler

A dome tumbler! At the base is a little Wall-E in a little snowglobe.

200901_27_14 - Sticker

This has been on my phone for over half a year. It’s a quick way of finding out which pone is mine.

200901_27_15 - Keychains

Keychains! They came from a set of Pixar keychains, which had characters form every Pixar movie – except A Bug’s Life. How Rude.

200901_27_16 - Coin Bank

Wall-E’s even a great security guard. This one protects money.

200901_27_18 - Paper M-O

I made a paper M-O from a book of “make your own!” Wall-E characters. I didn’t follow the instructions, and as such, he doesn’t look quite right. I need to make the rest, soon.

Believe it or not, I forgot that I had a fridge door covered by Wall-E magnets. I’ll add that one on a future update.