088 – TV in 10 syllables

School + work + work is starting to get very crazy in those proportions. School + work + work + new tv season… I don’t know how I’m still alive! I wonder if I can summarize what I think of the following shows in 10 syllables:

Bryan Fuller put great things in motion.

How I Met Your Mother
Soft start to a funny season, I hope.

Less murder, more Beckett… ok for now.

Bored to Death
Have to see more to see where it will go.

Strong pilot, funny could live, or could die.

Big Bang Theory
Oh no they didn’t! Plus Star Trek spoilers!

Season 19 started off pretty great.

I probably won’t watch survivor anymore though because it gets boring after 2 eps. I’ll need to watch Dollhouse everntually, too. Most of these shows I might have to just watch all at once in the winter, though, because school is going to be tonnns of work.

The Source, in my opinion, has the best mobile internet stick deal. You get the stick for $0 on a 1-year term. I wouldn’t get a 2-year term (where it is everywhere else)… so I got it! We’ll see how much I get to use it, probably lots because of all the downtime I seem to have when I’m going to work, or just after when I need to wait for the bus. Suddenly, the netbook just got a bit more valuable. However, The Source people told me they had the 21mbps stuck when the one I got was only 7.2mbps. Meanies.