Blogging Abroad

I’m at the airport in Ottawa, about to depart on the longest, farthest trip from home I have ever experienced! The exciting part is seeing a couple of small pockets of the Earth that promise to be very, very diffent from what I know. The downside… I won’t have Internet at my fingertips the whole time. I may have access while in Japan, but in Nepal, I wouldn’t expect anythin mgore than intermittent access, and certainly no access when I get out into the village side.

to make quick, easy posts in one easy-to-find locale, I set up Here, I’ll post pictures and impressions when I can. I’ll probably blog here as well, just not nearly as often, and maybe not until I get back.

So yes, please keep an eye on Tumblr, which should also send tweets when I post to @bnjmnwood.

Also, iPad should stop autocorrecting Tumblr as “tumble”!