043 – Digital Nightmare

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Sony lies. “Watch videos on your psp” they say. I’m a fairly tech-oriented person, but I really have no idea how to put movies on the bloody playstation portable. I think you need some sort of Sony diploma to do it. It should be as simple as click-and-drag, but it’s not. You have to convert whatever movie file you want to one of the twoish video formats the device can read. And then, if you’re lucky, it’ll fit on the system. No, Sony, I’m not buying more of your high-priced memory.

Let alone trying to take a movie from a DVD and trying to get that on a psp. That requires more software just to take the movie file(s) on the disk and putting it on the computer. And possible intermediate software to take that and convert it to something the psp converter can understand without freezing your system. And that special edition Juno dvd that comes with a digital copy? Brilliant – unless you have a psp.

No matter what, it’ll take longer than the 15 minutes you have before you need to leave.

This is why I want an iPod Touch. I’m sure it’s much more friendly, even if files need to be converted. Though I’m sure there’s an even easier kitchen sink player out there. Actually, probably not. That’s just a dream. And if it were real, it would probably be ugly, and suck battery life like no tomorrow. Kinda like the psp.

Why, if there’s a standard dvd format and a standard high def format, can’t there be a standard video format? Digital protection (DRM) on files is also a terrible idea that just makes it that much harder to deal with. Especially when there’s more than one type of protection. *points finger at Apple, Microsoft* Bad people!

Pictures: Tim Hortons chai tea, Chinatown, hair colouration