084 – Netbooks and fanboys

I’ve had one problem since my first laptop died on me a number of months ago – my mom would have to use my newer laptop when she would want to access the internet. To help remedy this issue, I bought a new computer! I use the term “computer” lightly – I bought a netbook. It’s small, it’s loaded with Windows XP, and my left shift key is half the size it should be… \when \i type, \i keep not hitting it. However, the increased portability that I’ll get from this 10″ device will more than likely make up for the need to adapt to a new keyboard. Hopefully.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to get over some sort of cold. Helping me to do so is Heroes Season 3. I bought the dvd set this week, hoping to refresh my mind on what’s happened in the last year. I found the show somewhat annoying to watch it week by week, but viewing a few episodes at a time is much more fulfilling. In re-watching, I can see why some had been complaining about the show, but in the best spirit of many fans of various things, I think their idea of what the show should be is so high that any practical reality for the show seems to disappoint. All kinds of media outlets have had “what Heroes should be/do to be awesome again” articles (ahem 1, 2) prove my point. And it’s not limited to our primetime mutants. Take a look at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog comments to see fans up in arms over a show that won’t even air for another month, or any Nintendo community that has become pretty much anti-Nintendo.

J.J. Abrams and co. have a huge task ahead of them for the next Star Trek movie. That’s all I gotta say.

Oh, and Disney is buying Marvel. Crazy ducks. There’s even more purists (on either side) who can’t sleep at the thought of Snow White befriending Wolverine. All I know is that I have a cool Wall-E lunch bag and it wouldn’t hurt Disney to learn how to attract a male audience. Maybe then Pixar won’t have to be the boy’s section all by itself.

027 – Ho Ho Hold the payments!

School is done for yet another term! I celebrated this crowning achievement by cleaning my room. It was in dire need of a garbage bag and a bottle of Febreeze, or something to freshen things up. It’s almost the way I like to keep it. I can’t wait until we have little robots that know how you like your room and their task is to keep it tidy for you. And if it encounters something it doesn’t know, it sends you a text message asking you what to do. Kinda reminds me of Wall-e to some extent.

Today, I used a fandangled piece of plastic to pay for things without money. I think young whippersnappers (wow, I love how my spell check knows what a whippersnapper is, but not fandangled) of today call a credit card. It doubles as a Student Price Card (Canadian retail discount card for students). At Yogen Früz, I saved 28 cents (10%) only to have to pay a 25-cent debit transaction fee. In a world of plastic, I need to learn to keep actual money on me. Actually, I find it interesting that the rate at which the government issues money is constant with the economy. People aren’t necessarily using less coins and bills, even with things like credit and debit cards being so commonplace.

I bought my mom’s Christmas present today. Shh, don’t tell her. Funny thing is that she never uses the internet, let alone read my blog (and especially my livejournal), so I can post everything she’s getting right here and she’d never know. Hahahaha.

Joseph Mallozzi also disappeared off the face off the Earth. I blame Replicators. Or rabbid Carson Beckett fans. Nah, Beckett fans wouldn’t hurt a turtle… it’s the Elizabeth Weir fans that did it. If only I had a secret cache of weapons that I could use to rescue him… Nah, I’ll leave the hero work up to his pugs.

Chances are none of you understood that last paragraph. Except Cat.

Now I’m working a lot, which means I’ll have some more money with which to do random things. Haven’t thought that part through yet. Guests are so entertaining sometimes! There should be a blog for Disney Store stories. I’d definitely contribute. Unless it’s against store policy. i don’t see why it would be, but you never know. Maybe I’ll read through that again sometime.

Pictures: Christmas present, cousin (forgive the compression, they aren’t on flickr)