084 – Netbooks and fanboys

I’ve had one problem since my first laptop died on me a number of months ago – my mom would have to use my newer laptop when she would want to access the internet. To help remedy this issue, I bought a new computer! I use the term “computer” lightly – I bought a netbook. It’s small, it’s loaded with Windows XP, and my left shift key is half the size it should be… \when \i type, \i keep not hitting it. However, the increased portability that I’ll get from this 10″ device will more than likely make up for the need to adapt to a new keyboard. Hopefully.

I’ve spent the last few days trying to get over some sort of cold. Helping me to do so is Heroes Season 3. I bought the dvd set this week, hoping to refresh my mind on what’s happened in the last year. I found the show somewhat annoying to watch it week by week, but viewing a few episodes at a time is much more fulfilling. In re-watching, I can see why some had been complaining about the show, but in the best spirit of many fans of various things, I think their idea of what the show should be is so high that any practical reality for the show seems to disappoint. All kinds of media outlets have had “what Heroes should be/do to be awesome again” articles (ahem 1, 2) prove my point. And it’s not limited to our primetime mutants. Take a look at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog comments to see fans up in arms over a show that won’t even air for another month, or any Nintendo community that has become pretty much anti-Nintendo.

J.J. Abrams and co. have a huge task ahead of them for the next Star Trek movie. That’s all I gotta say.

Oh, and Disney is buying Marvel. Crazy ducks. There’s even more purists (on either side) who can’t sleep at the thought of Snow White befriending Wolverine. All I know is that I have a cool Wall-E lunch bag and it wouldn’t hurt Disney to learn how to attract a male audience. Maybe then Pixar won’t have to be the boy’s section all by itself.

070 – Harold, Kumar, and Barack, all at once!

I finally returned a movie to ZIP.ca, I think it was The Manchurian Candidate. I’ve had three titles for a long time now (it, along with Tron and The Prestige) and no desire to watch them… so I had to cut my losses somewhere and return one. ZIP, probably thrilled that I’m still alive, promptly sent me Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

Harold and Kumar 2 was an enjoyable, but not-as-much-as-its-predecessor comedy. As Harold and Kumar hopped from one improbable disaster to another, I couldn’t decide exactly what kind of movie it was, and I think that imbalance kept the movie from being better than it should have been. It around a lot from smart comedy, to slapstick comedy, to fart jokes, to a hilarious-yet-touching poem about the square root of three. I haven’t seen White Castle in ages, though I’m pretty sure it’s a better movie. Though Neil Patrick Harris with unicorns AND rainbows? That deserves some mention.

I still don’t know what I think of John Cho as Sulu in the new Star Trek movie. He does make a great Harold, but Sulu? I’ll have to wait until May 8 to find out, but I still think James Kyson Lee (Ando of Heroes fame) would have been my #1 choice. But isn’t he cute as a 90s pre-emo?

Obama was fantastic on Leno last night. I think if all politicians had the sincerity and down-to-earth realness that he presented, then politics would be better off. We would be better off. Just hearing his take on presidential life and living in the white house was truly interesting. The poor guy wasn’t allowed to walk 750 yards. But that quip about the Special Olympics, well I expect it to be headlines when I walk pass the newspaper machines.

Also, I don’t get why so many people are complaining that he should be “at work dealing with the important issues, not gallivanting on talk shows.” He was on for half an hour, and I doubt Leno was his only stop out West. Plus, haven’t people heard of multi-tasking? I know women are better at it then men, but still. i should be doing homework right now, or getting ready for work. Besides, how much vacation time did Bush take while in office? It’s not like things were less busy back then.

048 – Of Stamps and Secrets

200810_12_11 - Alanis IX

200810_13_05 - Curiosity Killed the Cat....

200810_16_03 - Meaghan Smith III

200810_16_06 - Meaghan Smith Sleeping

200810_16_12 - Ron Sexsmith VI

200810_22_02 - Pixie Glow

200810_29_02 - Roads Unploughed

200810_29_06 - Escalating

200810_31_02 - Joe Jonas

200811_02_03 - Checking the Computer

200811_11_01 - Brought to you by Buy N Large

200811_11_02 - Glad I Didn't Have to Lick These Stamps

Photos: Alanis, Chickens, Meaghan Smith and Ron Sexsmith, Pixie Hollow, Snow in October, escalator, Halloween Costume (Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers), Pramod Dhakal, Wall-E and Eve art, someone’s parcel paid in a whack of 52¢, 96¢, $1.15, and $1.60 stamps.

I completed a huge project that didn’t involve school. I’ll reveal it very soon, as early as next week. It’s pretty awesome, but still a secret. That’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been working a lot and doing some school. Oh, and watching television shows! Stargate Atlantis, Dexter, and Pushing Daisies are impressing, and Heroes is getting pretty tricky. It makes me wish that there were two Bryan Fullers, one for Heroes and one for Daisies. And perhaps one for a new Star Trek as well.

Speaking of Star Trek, someone revealed the new original Enterprise (photo) for the 2009 movie. I must say that I really like it, except for how the nacelle pylons’ positions. But that’s enough geek from me for one day.

Recently, I’ve seen the following movies: Strange Brew, which I didn’t understand at all. It was too 80s Canadiana for me, I suppose. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which proved to me that not only is Kevin Smith pretty brilliant at creating a cohesive world and making it entertaining across various viewpoints and characters, but he can also create a spoof that isn’t of the terrible quality of spoofs post-Scary Movie. I must see Zack and Miri make a Porno, if only because it’s a Kevin Smith film.

Anyway, I must get back to preparing for a presentation for later this week. More later!

036 – It’s a faaaaaaake!

200804_07_01 - Hannah Montana

200804_07_05 - Empty Lot

200804_07_08 - Ground Level Parking

Photos: Hannah Montana mannequin, parking lot at night

What a day indeed! In one mail-checking session, I received money from the government, a notice of bankruptcy and a call for objections for the sale of Disney Store by Hoop Retail, and a letter from Japan. The latter has amazingly colourfully cute stationary! It feels as if it’s a letter right out of Animal Crossing, sans exotic furniture present. Oh I really want some exotic furniture! I also reinflated my purple yoga ball thinking maybe I can sit on it when I play videogames in my room. I tried it out by playing some Beautiful Katamari. Man, that game is trippy! I don’t know how to roll properly, so I don’t end up with big Katamari balls, leaving the King of the Cosmos pretty bummed.

My room is also almost 100% tidy! I will take pictures when it’s sunny. I’m out of room for DS games and cds. Uhoh!

Deep Space Nine’s season six In the Pale Moonlight is probably the greatest hour (well, 44 minutes) of Star Trek. It’s captivating storytelling. If anyone decides to ever make, or even pitch a new Trek series in the future, they absolutely have to watch and learn from DS9 because it has it all: drama, sci-fi, homages, relevance, comedy, consequences, villains with depth, multi-faceted main characters that grow, likable and useful satellite characters, romance (well, pretty good romance for sci-fi), even music moments. It’s hard to believe that it ended almost ten years ago.

I think I need to get me some tarps, some lights, and an external flash for my camera… I’m starting to feel inspired to try new things with my photography. Also a blow torch and some peanut butter.

033 – Universe Girls, Earth Hour

200803_29_01 - Thin Ice

Photo: The icy water described in my previous entry.

I found out today that I actually know one of the 62 contestants competing for the 2008 Miss Universe Canada crown, or belt, or wand, or whatever it is the Miss Universe Canada wins. Kinda makes me wonder someday whenever we wander out of our backyard of a solar system and meet other alien races, how will they open up and even judge Miss Universe events. Especially if other species look less like Vulcans and more like, well…

200605_29_02 - Skipping

Suffice it to say that I wish Agnes well. Je voterais pour elle s’elle me donne un bracelet!

Earth Hour went well I heard. Even though Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s house was all lit up, Ottawa’s power consumption dropped 4%, and Toronto dropped over 8%. I was working that night, but we turned out half the lights, the projector, and television and put on the fun and breezy Lilo and Stitch soundtrack. A few kept asking why the store was so dark. I like to think that we made someone happy, other than Kat and me, of course.

Once all the snow melts and school is done, I can finally go biking again! Today, I went and got my bike tuned up so that it’s ready to go. Hopefully I’ll get out more this year than I did last year… Which reminds me, I need to buy a great water bottle. And maybe a helmet.