113 – Winterlude

201102_13_05 - Ask Me About My Breakfast

201102_13_06 - Yin and Yang

201102_13_10 - CEPJB

201102_13_17 - At the End

201102_13_25 - Musical Geese

201102_13_28 - Bubble

201102_13_36 - Parliament in the Snow

201102_13_37 - Smile

For all the trouble that winter causes, it really does have it’s fun side. Skiing, skating, snowmen, snow forts, ice hotels, ice sculptures. Winterlude combines a few of these into a really fun festival just when people usually start tiring of the cold season. I love going down and seeing the exhibits and sculptures and people out enjoying themselves (and Beavertails)! Fortunately I managed to make my way downtown this year (it’s been three or four years since I last went – even longer since I made it to the Quebec side of the festivities).

There were some very nice sculptures this year. Perhaps my favourite was this interactive domino-like sculpture that had windows that were perfectly aligned. It gave you the tunneling effect of looking in a reflection of a reflection of a mirror, without seeing yourself. Very cool!

Perhaps it’s because I’m more aware of these kinds of things, but the event seems to get increasingly more branded by sponsors. Rogers and Samsung were on hand to provide heat, photo ops, and a peek at their gadgets and services. Everyone at the Rogers tent were having a good time, snapping pictures of their friends in a Galaxy Tab, tweeting a rogers hashtag to get it on the big screen, and trying to touch the ice-encased smartphones. It’s brilliant how they created a positive interactive experience that fits the theme of Winterlude.

Of course, the best part of Winterlude is the Beavertail! The lines at Confederation park were pretty long (though efficient I noticed), so we opted to head to the storefront in the market. I haven’t been in a while, and in that time, they’ve developed a number of new types! I tried the apple cinnamon, which was amazing.

I had a great time and I wish there were more winter festivals in the area, which would give people more reasons to get together and be outside in this beautiful season.

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