098 – Button MAKE!

I decided today that the CFFN AGM needs some buttons for everyone. After some research on what’s the best way to make ‘em, I decided to go with SixCentPress. Their site is well designed and has a bunch of awesome pictures. Plus, their process is pretty straightforward. There were a couple of other places I found online, but neither had the style or gave me confidence like SCP did (a tip to companies out there… design a nice site if you want me to buy from you). I came up with three designs:

Now I want to make buttons for everything! Before you know it, I’ll start making round art and go into huge debts making horrendous amounts of buttons for every and any occasion.

What I would really like to do is make actual pins, but you need a lot more lead time for that.

096 – Day at the Beach and Migrating Blogs

201004_02_19 - Falling

201004_02_12 - Rocky Terrain

201004_02_11 - Against the Water

201004_02_10 - Father and Daughter

201004_02_05 - Glide

My blog has moved! There were lots of fancy terms involved, including migration, canonical, cname, and propagated, but it was all very simple to do (thanks largely to Google’s Blogger team). now instead of being at benjaminwood.net/blog, they will be at blog.benjaminwod.net. HUGE difference, am I right?

School is beginning to wind down, after some huge, but successfully completed assignments. Only one presentation to go, plus exams. Speaking of presentations, I gave one about product placement yesterday, and have made it available at on my site (www.benjaminwood.net/presentation) because it’s so cool. I basically took an iPad picture and made it interactive, included video, and made little apps to go from one slide to the next.


And I guess while I’m gushing about site-related business, I made a few minor updates, including a new picture that I use for my site’s main navigation. I can’t wait to have more time to add more content to my site. And play videogames.

Photos: I spent part of Good Friday on the beach. It was warmer then than it is now…

066 – Gloom

200902_27_02 - Pluto

200902_27_03 - Wines

200903_04_01 - Arm

200903_04_02 - Traffic Pole

200903_05_01 - Fuzzy Ice

200903_05_04 - WInter Park Dream

200903_05_06 - Underpass

200903_05_07 - Canal

Pictures: Pluto, wine, traffic accessories, ice photos from the gloomiest day ever

Today was the greyest day I’ve ever seen. With the melting snow, overcast sky, salted pathways… there wasn’t a colour to be seen. It was enough to depress Winnie the Pooh, or to at least show him the gloom that Eeyore experiences on a daily basis. Instead of waiting 25 minutes for the bus, I chose to walk home surrounded by the dread that is Ottawa pre-spring. Musicless, I managed to take a couple of breaks along the way to take pictures. Of the dread. They turned out so grey that I used Photoshop to help them out a little bit.

Plans were to go skating tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be gloomier than today, 10C and raining.

On the upside of things, I’m off for the next 2 days! Disney is in less than 55 1/2 days! My sheets are a bright and cheery yellow! And Tigger is bouncing on the mug I was using earlier.

Mad Men
is a compelling show. It doesn’t hit you hard or fast, like other dramas might… but the slow burn is worth it. Here’s hoping for a season 3, and sooooon! I recently watched all 6 episodes of Drive, an action character-based show that was cancelled well before it should have been. While I have my reservations of how a second season would have worked, it could have told a great story over the course of one season. I also feel bad for Nathan Fillion, who seems to be in these shows that get cancelled. Speaking of Nate, Castle starts soon!

042 – Buck 65 Concert, Photoshop Experiments

200804_22_04 - Skratch Bastid II

200804_22_09 - Sound Board

200804_22_11 - Cadence Weapon II

200804_22_13 - Creative Lighting

200804_22_15 - Buck 65 II

200804_22_19 - Buck 65 VI

200804_24_01 - Adventurers

200804_24_05 - U-Haul

200804_25_01 - Compacted Corrugation

200804_25_03 - Toss

200804_25_05 - Lights and Buttons

200804_25_08 - Level Two

I like concerts. There’s something about live music, being in front of the people who make said music, being surrounded by people who are equally (or more) into the music than you are… something about that whole process that makes the music exciting. In contrast, I don’t really like live concerts on cd. There are a few exceptions (Great Big Sea’s Road Rage, for example), but the music without the atmosphere is only half the experience. Recently, I saw Buck 65 at the Bronson Centre, with Skratch Bastid and Cadence Weapon. It was a good show despite the mediocre sound and audience-not-at-capacity. Even though the venue is seated (it’s an ancient high school auditorium), I still found myself standing by the stage. My ears aren’t particularly happy when that happens, but it’s worth it.

It’s even better when you get a few good shots. My battery life was limited (and died eventually), so I enjoyed the music rather than try to capture it. I wasn’t particularly happy, but it was a good concert!

Michele accompanied me to the concert. A few days later, we had some work-related adventures including a trip to our offsite via OC Transpo and a trip to the mall’s garbage and recycling facilities. I like adventures, even the ordinary, ordinarily boring ones.

On another note, I’ve decided that I should probably learn how to use Photoshop. I have such a powerful tool sitting on my computer, and the most I use it for is resizing pictures. Today,I experimented with smoothing out skin tones, leaning how to, as Nelly Furtado would put it, “Make it look whiter than it seems / Paint me over with your dreams.” Not that I’m looking for a job over at Maxim or Cosmo or anything…

Before (click to enlarge)

After (click to enlarge)

Just don’t show her, because I might get hit. Or worse.

018 – How far could a Klingon hit a golf ball?

I am famous. The following photo that I took a year ago has made its way to the Cheap Eats Ottawa blog:

200609_09_05 - DiRienzo's

You can even see Sebastian’s shirt to the far right! It isn’t the first time that a picture of mine has been used here and there, but aside from a time when I had stuff up on the Capital Music Hall’s website (which apparently has changed how its photos are displayed), this is the most prominent display ever.

Thursdays are proving to be long days for me, including early morning class, afternoon class, and work in the evening. Today being Thursday means that my day will be super long. All summer, I would stay up so late – at times until the sky would brighten; the combination of school and work has pushed my internal clock back into the Eastern Standard timezone. It’s unbelievable to people who know me when I mention that I’m in bed sometimes while still in the 10th hour of the evening.

I can rest assured that by next week, once I get a heavier homework and whatnot, I’m going to have very little, if any spare time. Maple Story might suffer the most since I’m 700 zombie mushroom kills away from attaining level 30, which is possibly where the game gets more exciting. Given the chance to earn imaginary mesos versus Canadian dollars (which is quite close with the American dollar. Why aren’t videogame prices dropping? Super Mario Galaxy should be $49.99!), I would do with the latter.

One of the things I was looking to achieve for this term was to feel more focused. I think I’m definitely on track to achieve this. Especially when I have side projects with Prashanta’s father.

Speaking of which, he had me make a couple of posters for upcoming conferences that the Canada Forum for Nepal will be hosting. I’ll put them here because I realise I don’t do that often enough.

The first one was based heavily on the one that someone else created last year. It just have more colour and has a cleaner look about it.

The second poster is for the broader conference that’s going on. It was originally designed as a teaser poster, given that no information about the conference (ie speakers) had been determined, but I stuck with it.

This is the design that I originally wanted. The flat and bold colours and font choice gave a bit of a classic poster style. The background used to be brighter and more off-red, but it had to be changed to bring out more contrast.

Apparently, the powers that be didn’t like the red, citing that it was too representative of a revolution, despite the fact that red is a dominant colour in the Nepal flag. In order to please, a blue version came about. The colour didn’t match well with the original direction that I wanted, so I went ahead and changed up the background, making it a bit more interesting with a graded effect, and extruded blocks.

Lastly, a gray scale version was made fro printing reasons, though I still need to work on a higher-res version so that the print versions look reasonably nice. After all that, I think this version has some class to it. I need to think about using black and white more often.

Feel free to check out either of these events when they happen!