106 – Mosaika

201009_11_03 - Mosaika III

201009_11_05 - Mosaika V

201009_11_07 - Mosaika VII

I finally got a chance to see Mosaika! After a pretty rainy week, Prashanta, Susma, and I went on a clear, almost cold night…. and the hill was packed! That probably had to do with the night being so nice and it being the final weekend for the light and sound show projected onto the Parliament building.

The show was good! I remember going down when I was younger and being bored by the imagery. I had seen the show a few years back and thought it was ok. This year’s show was really something! While I didn’t cry at any point like the producer had promised during various interviews, I thought the colours and imagery were crisp and beautiful, and some of the effects (ie bricks towards the end) were extremely clever. I also loved how the story was told, through various stories and thoughts of regular Canadians. It wasn’t a narration, I wasn’t being lectured to.

The only thing that would have made the show better was if we had a full-on view of the canvas! We were kinda stuck behind the bleachers… but still managed to enjoy the show. Here’s hoping they keep doing new shows every so often (every year would be nice…) with this new tech, because I’d definitely keep going back!

We capped the evening off, filled with a sense of patriotism but not without the observation that Parliament is really a funny place to have such a show given how much fighting goes on in there, with another big Canadian thing: Tim Horton’s. Now that they have Apple Cider again, I really must visit as much as I can!

201009_11_10 - Staying Warm

201009_11_12 - The More Things Change...

I repeat: Tim Horton’s has apple cider. Go now!

Still here? Ok. On other news, I bought a tablet over the weekend. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use it to learn how to draw in Photoshop, and use it for a few other things. My first attempt was really born out of not really knowing what I wanted to draw.

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