070 – Harold, Kumar, and Barack, all at once!

I finally returned a movie to ZIP.ca, I think it was The Manchurian Candidate. I’ve had three titles for a long time now (it, along with Tron and The Prestige) and no desire to watch them… so I had to cut my losses somewhere and return one. ZIP, probably thrilled that I’m still alive, promptly sent me Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.

Harold and Kumar 2 was an enjoyable, but not-as-much-as-its-predecessor comedy. As Harold and Kumar hopped from one improbable disaster to another, I couldn’t decide exactly what kind of movie it was, and I think that imbalance kept the movie from being better than it should have been. It around a lot from smart comedy, to slapstick comedy, to fart jokes, to a hilarious-yet-touching poem about the square root of three. I haven’t seen White Castle in ages, though I’m pretty sure it’s a better movie. Though Neil Patrick Harris with unicorns AND rainbows? That deserves some mention.

I still don’t know what I think of John Cho as Sulu in the new Star Trek movie. He does make a great Harold, but Sulu? I’ll have to wait until May 8 to find out, but I still think James Kyson Lee (Ando of Heroes fame) would have been my #1 choice. But isn’t he cute as a 90s pre-emo?

Obama was fantastic on Leno last night. I think if all politicians had the sincerity and down-to-earth realness that he presented, then politics would be better off. We would be better off. Just hearing his take on presidential life and living in the white house was truly interesting. The poor guy wasn’t allowed to walk 750 yards. But that quip about the Special Olympics, well I expect it to be headlines when I walk pass the newspaper machines.

Also, I don’t get why so many people are complaining that he should be “at work dealing with the important issues, not gallivanting on talk shows.” He was on for half an hour, and I doubt Leno was his only stop out West. Plus, haven’t people heard of multi-tasking? I know women are better at it then men, but still. i should be doing homework right now, or getting ready for work. Besides, how much vacation time did Bush take while in office? It’s not like things were less busy back then.