102 – The Quarterlife Crisis of a Gamer

I used to be a decent-sized gamer. Just searching my Flickr for game or Nintendo shows collection images, photos from gaming events, the President of Nintendo of America playing Wii, and a number of hardware-related pron shots from my Canon A70 days. There wasn’t a week that went by when I would scribble some notes for an article or editorial for N-Philes (or should I say Nerd Mentality? I’m still iffy on that name change). Lately, however, I’ve written more business plans than I have theories on the casual/core gamer war. I’ve read more book chapters (if not books) than bosses I’ve waggled my Wii Remote at. One day my mom (the avid reader in the family) and I were on a bus, me book in hand, and she proudly engaged with her Nintendo DSi XL. All I could think was, “when did this happen?”

While my bank account has enjoyed my recent and supposed natural avoidance of EB (or are they all Gamestops yet? I don’t even know…) and Best Buy, I miss that feeling of opening a new game and proceeding through the first few levels. My poor Xbox probably needs to be properly de-dusted for fear turning it on will result in a red ring of death, quickly followed by a plume of smoke and flames that will set my television desk on fire. My Wii hasn’t even been plugged in since it’s last outing wherever it went. I can’t even tell you where my DS is (though I need to find it before the next Professor Layton game comes out. September I think), and my PSP, or browser-when-my-netbook-is-too-far-away has been replaced by the iPod, which is a far better browser anyway.

Is it gaming itself that has changed? I have no real interest in internet gaming, which is pretty much all you can get from those fancy hi-def systems. Nintendo’s innovation pretty much ended with the development of the Wii Remote (Mario Galaxy is the exception, but even there I have yet to collect all 120 stars, something I raced through in the much more lacklustre yet somehow much more addictive Super Mario Sunshine. I digress). Is it school that ate all my time, or work that ate all my other time? Was it the recent discovery that I enjoy non-fiction books that replaced the little moments where I’d otherwise be solving Scribblenauts puzzles?

Maybe all I need to do is finish the Metroid Prime Trilogy, or A Boy and his Blob, or Rhythm Heaven or RedSteel 2 or DeadRising (yes, the first one). Or maybe I need to start De Blob and MadWOrld and No More Heroes 2. Or play more Dr. Mario with my friends who recently discovered how awesome a game it is.

Photos: Cousin before playing Baseball, Lotso as Buzz Lightyear (yay Toy Story 3), Graffiti in Barrhaven (right near that Winners that had a carbon monoxide problem, and a couple of images from my recent visit to the Nepean Sportsplex.

201006_14_02 - Pose

201006_14_05 - Lots o'Huggin' Lightyear

201007_21_01 - Barrhaven Graffiti

201007_24_01 - Art-Canteen-Arenas-Pools

201007_24_04 - Climber

091 – The Green Bin Arrives!

What’s that truck?

200911_12_01 - What's that truck?

Oh, it’s making deliveries!

200911_12_02 - Deliveries?

Army of green bins, ready to Disembark!

200911_12_03 - Green Bins Spotted!

Green Bin Get!

200911_12_04 - Green Bin!

This is a story about how my garbage habbits got flip-turned upside down…

Actually, I never did watch Fresh Prince a whole lot, though everyone I knew did.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I think I’m passed the worst. Three days ago, I would have disagreed with that, and had started getting myself mentally ready to hear news of a need for surgery. Now, however, I’m thinking I can bypass such a procedure. Hopefully. I’ll have to wait until Monday to go and find out for sure.

At the height of this ordeal, Halloween, I spent it in a half-inspired Mario costume, thanks to Club Nintendo’s gift of an authentic-like Mario hat.



And a slight remix of said costume…

200910_31_01 - Daddy

056 – Day 36

200901_11_01 - Bucattini DS

200901_14_01 - Cold Trek

200901_14_03 - Bus Stop

200901_14_04 - There's a Path Here, Somewhere

It’s been cold walking to school, today in particular. Lauren Stone of Live 885 warned me at 6:45 this morning that it was -39C with the Windchill. Skin can freeze with 10 minutes of exposure at that temperature. As I snuggled the warmth of my bed, I wondered if it was really worth it to walk to school, a trek that could freeze my skin five times over. “Damned bus strike.” Reluctantly, I pulled myself out of bed and spent the next half hour deciding exactly how to dress. Before stepping out the door, I had the following:

I learned this morning that I have as much experience wearing scarves effectively as I do tying a Windsor knot, possibly because I never wear the darned things (both ties and scarves). Despite this, the scarf was instrumental in keeping me warm for my 50-minute journey.

All that preparation made me late leaving the house, effectively making me late for class. I was also slowed down by my inability to think ahead. Wind usually blows snow around, even though it wasn’t snowing, the path that I described in an earlier post was partially snowed-in in some places. The one time I don’t bring my snowshoes…

In other news, I’m really starting to like Clive Doucet. He’s a city councillor for the Capital ward, central Ottawa. He speaks his mind, and usually his mind is on the people whom he represents. He thinks the 15ish million saved from the bus strike so far, and what they’ll continue to save, should be funnelled back into making OC Transpo free for as long as possible once service resumes. This is probably the most brilliant thing the city can do to gain as many riders as possible. I’d also like to have $40 put in my pocket for the unused December pass I have at home (they cost just over $60 for students… a reasonable request considering I was only able to use it for a third of a month), but I’d settle for $20 February passes. $30 even. At least, this strike better not last beyond the confines of January!

I recently bought Nintendo’s Personal Trainer: Cooking game – and I use the word “game” loosely. It’s more of an interactive cookbook. I finally used it to make bucatini with tomato and pancetta, even though I substituted bucatini with linguine, pancetta with a mix of bacon and pepperoni, and romano cheese with medium cheddar. The result was actually pretty good. Many gamers complain about DLC (downloadable content) and how it can increase the overall cost of a game if you aren’t too careful. I bought Cooking for $20, and spent another $20 gathering the necessary ingredients! And that was for one recipe. How’s that for hidden game costs?! I use the word “hidden” loosely as well, even though there’s no label on the front of the box saying you have to buy food to get the best use out of the software.

I bet I could sue Nintendo for that one. I’ll keep my receipts!