048 – Of Stamps and Secrets

200810_12_11 - Alanis IX

200810_13_05 - Curiosity Killed the Cat....

200810_16_03 - Meaghan Smith III

200810_16_06 - Meaghan Smith Sleeping

200810_16_12 - Ron Sexsmith VI

200810_22_02 - Pixie Glow

200810_29_02 - Roads Unploughed

200810_29_06 - Escalating

200810_31_02 - Joe Jonas

200811_02_03 - Checking the Computer

200811_11_01 - Brought to you by Buy N Large

200811_11_02 - Glad I Didn't Have to Lick These Stamps

Photos: Alanis, Chickens, Meaghan Smith and Ron Sexsmith, Pixie Hollow, Snow in October, escalator, Halloween Costume (Joe Jonas, Jonas Brothers), Pramod Dhakal, Wall-E and Eve art, someone’s parcel paid in a whack of 52¢, 96¢, $1.15, and $1.60 stamps.

I completed a huge project that didn’t involve school. I’ll reveal it very soon, as early as next week. It’s pretty awesome, but still a secret. That’s what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been working a lot and doing some school. Oh, and watching television shows! Stargate Atlantis, Dexter, and Pushing Daisies are impressing, and Heroes is getting pretty tricky. It makes me wish that there were two Bryan Fullers, one for Heroes and one for Daisies. And perhaps one for a new Star Trek as well.

Speaking of Star Trek, someone revealed the new original Enterprise (photo) for the 2009 movie. I must say that I really like it, except for how the nacelle pylons’ positions. But that’s enough geek from me for one day.

Recently, I’ve seen the following movies: Strange Brew, which I didn’t understand at all. It was too 80s Canadiana for me, I suppose. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which proved to me that not only is Kevin Smith pretty brilliant at creating a cohesive world and making it entertaining across various viewpoints and characters, but he can also create a spoof that isn’t of the terrible quality of spoofs post-Scary Movie. I must see Zack and Miri make a Porno, if only because it’s a Kevin Smith film.

Anyway, I must get back to preparing for a presentation for later this week. More later!

047 – Wind Gods and Ringtunes

October is here, and my room is freezing cold. I really think I need to reinsulate the window area, and possibly get a new window. My plan is to go, hire the worst guy possible, then complain to Mike Holmes. In response, he’ll come here, ask how on earth someone whose job was to insulate a wall and replace a window used 17 junction boxes in the process. After a few words like “unbelievable”, he’ll fix it for me, add a shiny new seat and electrical surge protector, and proclaim that he “love his job”. Simple, no?

In other news, I’ve dusted off my Wii. It’s sad how I’ve become accustomed to not having the time to play such fandangled devices. In a rare spurt of energy, I went and beat Lostwinds, a WiiWare game that I bought back in May and stoppe dplaying after all of 41 minutes. It is a great little game, one that I’d love to have seen more of (seeing as I beat it after another 3 hours). Hoping to continue the trend of actually playing the games that I’ve bought, I moved the Wii back to the living room. It gets more light there.

My DS is far from neglected though. After I get to finishing Kirby, I’ll get back to The World Ends With You until the new Castlevania arrives. I hope there’s a last minute pre-order bonus with it, though.

Which leads me to movies. The last ones I saw were Bee Movie (cute, but not Pixar by a long shot), A Dog’s Breakfast (funny, but not as amazing as I was hoping, despite Rachel Luttrell yummy cameo), and National Treasure : Book of Secrets (much better than the first, surprisingly). I’m working on Hello, Dolly. Walter Matthau is about 30 years younger than what I know him as. It’s quite something.

Lastly, I have a new ringtune for my phone, in celebration of Halloween. Listen.

031 – Beauty, Beast, and Mrs. Pot

200803_15_01 - The Disney Store

200803_20_02 - Aftermath

200803_20_04 - Typical Day

200803_20_08 - Denim and Light

200803_21_01 - Maracas

200803_21_05 - Eyelashes

200803_21_06 - Crack

Photos could be summed up with one phrase: Again with the eye pictures!

So I was thinking today about the words “once” and “ounce”. They’re so similar in appearance and lettering, but they sounds very different from one another. A linguist could probably tell you that the words are very dissimilar with the parts of the mouth and throat used to pronounce them, all because of one letter. Think of the difference U can make. It would be borderline remarkable if the English language didn’t resemble what would result if you left a four-year old in a white room with a bucket of chocolate and a fresh set of Crayola markers. Or crayons.

Happy Easter!

I’ve managed to stuff all kinds of things into this long weekend: Smash Bros., babysitting, work, movies, and television shows. Some of these activities overlap. Weeds is a great show. I might dare to say fantastic. After watching the first season on a couple of sittings, I might have to buy it and the second season to add to my scifi-heavy tv-dvd collection. And third, and fourth apparently. And I’ve watched Pirates I, II, and III (minus the first hour for which I fell asleep). They don’t wow and amaze me, but it is a fun ride while it lasts (the latter one lasts too long, i fear). My cousins are entertaining. And Smash Bros is grand.

Oh yes, and I’ve been watching Star Trek The Original Series Remastered Season One. I hadn’t seen much of the original show, so the polished episodes and new, yet still retro effects are fun for me. Plus, it’s a great way to examine just how television had changed in 40 years, everything from how people act to camera angles… I was telling my mom the other day how in the 50-minute episode The Enemy Within, Kirk’s captain’s log tell you right from the start what’s happened – a doppleganger of sorts was created by a transporter accident, unbeknownst to anyone. If that were made today, that fact would be the big twist that you’ve been trying to figure out (or had figured out a good 25 minutes ago, depending on the writing and direction quality) that gets resolved in the last 5 minutes of the 42-minute episode. Huh.

The Children’s Place announced recently (link) that as part of their effort to “strengthen” their “core business”, they are exiting the Disney Store retail space. The Walt Disney Company might purchase back 2/3 of those stores. Interesting news indeed. I’m not yet sure what it means, but I’d love to work for a huge multimedia beast with it’s hands in the gaming industry. And maybe I should dust off (well, figuratively. computer files don’t really get dusty. Though maybe they should… maybe in MAC OS XI) my resume.

And I think maybe, if it’s possible, I’ve had too many cupcakes today.

030 – Flavours of a Quarter

200712_20_02 - Victory
With Michele at LaserQuest.

200712_20_06 - Winter Waterflow
Hog’s Back on a winter night

200712_24_01 - Peace, Yo
Ho Ho Ho, Yo

200712_26_04 - Heart Chicken
Chicken Love

200712_26_05 - Torso

200801_01_01 - Drunken Lights
Lights through a glass

200801_01_04 - New Year's Snow
Wintery New Year scene

200801_29_02 - Trust in Me
Giant Kaa’s hypnosis

200802_03_05 - Black and White Ball Return
Bowling Ball Return

200802_03_08 - Granny Bowl
Granny Bowling

200802_19_01 - Bully and the Beast
Bully and Me

200802_19_03 - Close Up
Bully– Buddy loves his picture taken

200802_19_05 - Give Up
Surviving a Sister Attack

200803_04_01 - Reflective Visor
Halo Helmet

200803_04_02 - Master Cheif's Helmet
Master Chief in my Bedroom

200803_11_01 Icicles
I want to ride my icicle

200803_12_02 - Sidewalk in a Snowbank
Sidewalk through a snowbank

It’s been too long since my last update! So I guess I owe everyone a happy Christmas, New Year, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s day, Family Day (where applicable), reading week, and now, March Break. But I beat St Patrick’s day… so that’ll come in a separate entry.

I’ve noticed that the number of updates I make is somewhat proportional to how many days I got out with my camera. I haven’t taken very many pictures this year so far. No particular reason why… I just haven’t done a whole lot worth noting. Other than bowling to benefit children with and at risk of Autism, where I bowled an impressive turkey. It was certainly a highlight – that and the pancakes my cobowlers had afterwards. Haha.

I remembered that I wanted to get my bike tuned up while still taking advantage of my “one year of free tune-ups” that came when I got my bike March 31, 2007. Well, my year is approaching it’s end! And if you take a look at the last picture that I posted in this entry, it’s pretty clear that winter is still kicking around. I don’t know how I’ll get to the store just yet.

In other news, I won a Dalmatian canvas print! It’s all that hard work that I do. My dvd collection has increased a bit (star trek ds9 seasons 4 and 5, stargate ark of truth, 101 dalmatians, toy story 2, pixar shorts collection, etc…..), as has my game collection. Professor Layton on DS is awesome. Zak and Wiki for Wii is awesome! Smash Bros Brawl’s music is certainly the highlight of that whole package, which is saying something because it’s a fantastic package to begin with.

And Sarah Slean is tooo awesome. Please listen to her songs: Go Home, So Many Miles, Notes from the Underground. I’m also eagerly awaiting Alanis’ Flavors of Entanglement – first new Alanis in about 4 years? Watch the single video here: Underneath Video. That song itself isn’t that exciting… but I can’t wait for the album!

Oh, and everyone should have a giant Kaa.

I hope everyone is well! Look for more updates soon!

019 – To Vote and Vote Not

Yesterday was democracy at work – and it smelled dusty and stale, not unlike the smell I imagine lingering around attics or retirement homes. Fortunately, democracy was also bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. How impressive! There was a provincial election in Ontario, one the Liberals won again. There was also a referendum, so I gave my opinion on a mixed member proportional system of government.

My poll station found itself this time around in an old, small nearby church, one in which I’ve never been – nor really had a desire to visit (surprisingly, I don’t have any pictures of it on flickr and i didn’t have my camera with me yesterday). I was impressed at how big it is, compared to how small it looks from the outside. Inside, I was surprised to find signs of life, little clues that people actually visit – books, art, names painted and quilted together by children.

In movies, I saw Resident Evil Apocalypse recently. It was better than i expected. I enjoyed it, though was disappointed with the cliffhanger ending.

I also watched To Have and Have Not, a movie from the 40s. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, her first movie. My mom was named after that woman. It’s hard to imagine a time when movies were presented in 4×3, though I know when and why they moved to a wider format). It was a pretty cool movie to see. I think I should see more of these classic movies, or at least movies the black and white variety. It’s always fun to see where these famous lines come from, “Just put your lips together and blow.” and whatnot. Perhaps I’ll add more older movies in my diet.