Blogging Abroad

I’m at the airport in Ottawa, about to depart on the longest, farthest trip from home I have ever experienced! The exciting part is seeing a couple of small pockets of the Earth that promise to be very, very diffent from what I know. The downside… I won’t have Internet at my fingertips the whole time. I may have access while in Japan, but in Nepal, I wouldn’t expect anythin mgore than intermittent access, and certainly no access when I get out into the village side.

to make quick, easy posts in one easy-to-find locale, I set up Here, I’ll post pictures and impressions when I can. I’ll probably blog here as well, just not nearly as often, and maybe not until I get back.

So yes, please keep an eye on Tumblr, which should also send tweets when I post to @bnjmnwood.

Also, iPad should stop autocorrecting Tumblr as “tumble”!

036 – It’s a faaaaaaake!

200804_07_01 - Hannah Montana

200804_07_05 - Empty Lot

200804_07_08 - Ground Level Parking

Photos: Hannah Montana mannequin, parking lot at night

What a day indeed! In one mail-checking session, I received money from the government, a notice of bankruptcy and a call for objections for the sale of Disney Store by Hoop Retail, and a letter from Japan. The latter has amazingly colourfully cute stationary! It feels as if it’s a letter right out of Animal Crossing, sans exotic furniture present. Oh I really want some exotic furniture! I also reinflated my purple yoga ball thinking maybe I can sit on it when I play videogames in my room. I tried it out by playing some Beautiful Katamari. Man, that game is trippy! I don’t know how to roll properly, so I don’t end up with big Katamari balls, leaving the King of the Cosmos pretty bummed.

My room is also almost 100% tidy! I will take pictures when it’s sunny. I’m out of room for DS games and cds. Uhoh!

Deep Space Nine’s season six In the Pale Moonlight is probably the greatest hour (well, 44 minutes) of Star Trek. It’s captivating storytelling. If anyone decides to ever make, or even pitch a new Trek series in the future, they absolutely have to watch and learn from DS9 because it has it all: drama, sci-fi, homages, relevance, comedy, consequences, villains with depth, multi-faceted main characters that grow, likable and useful satellite characters, romance (well, pretty good romance for sci-fi), even music moments. It’s hard to believe that it ended almost ten years ago.

I think I need to get me some tarps, some lights, and an external flash for my camera… I’m starting to feel inspired to try new things with my photography. Also a blow torch and some peanut butter.