076 – Ads, Earth, and Booster Juice

I’ve actually been noticing advertisements over the past couple of days, whether it’s that Flint one (there’s an ad on the radio right now, coincidence?), or this weird recycleme.org one all about organs (oh hey it’s about organ donation. Well done, Government of Ontario!), or these new ones that are solid black with seemingly odd white copy… I should learn what they’re about. Next time I get a change, I’ll take pictures. All I know is that they’re far more interesting than the plain ones I’m used to.

Dinseyworld is sooo soon! I started the check-in process! I have to get on a mass laundry schedule and start deciding what to bring. Jimminy “nobody ever listens to me” shirt? check. Red Mickey shirt? Check. Wall-E shirt? check! Princess Jasmine shirt? I don’t have one, unfortunately. The next shopping day I get, I’m going to get all the little things I need for a trip. Sunscreen perhaps. Travel bottles (i prefer to not have to buy expensive travel sized products, but rather take travel portions of the home products I have. I also need to make sure I have my tickets. Where did I put them again?

Disneynature’s first theatrical release, Earth, opened on Earth Day. And it’s 90 minutes of awesomeness. James Earl Jones narrates the story of three families: polar bears, humpback whales, and elephants. Along the way, a few other supporting, er, animals pop up, including my now favourite superb bird of paradise shown above. From this angle, he looks like a Pokemon or something random. And the poor female just wasn’t interested. Poor guy. The movie has had some criticism for focusing on family-friendly and for reusing some material from the Planet Earth series (they were both filmed at the same time to maximize budgets and save costs), but I haven’t seen that yet, and most of those criticisms chalk up to “but Earth is still good and its worth it”. I agree.

Plus Disney planted a tree for me. That the fourth one they’ve planted for me, if i do my math right. They also gave me a reusable water bottle for recycling.

200904_22_k01 - Mickey Loves Earth

And if that wasn’t enough, Booster Juice finally has a new reusable mug! No more Styrofoam for me!

200904_24_k02 - Reusable Booster Juice Cup