Is that a Mountain Lion in my Bedroom?

So my last blog entry had me trying to convince myself not to buy a new computer. I needed strong convincing.

Then I thought about it. By waiting, sure I could set aside the money… Sure I could get by with my poor, falling-apart Dell. By waiting, however, I’m inching closer to a newer shiner iMac (expected anytime between tomorrow and never). I’m suffering for no real reason. Why not get an iMac now, start transferring over my life. Start all the projects I’l get to “when I get a new computer”?

In short, I bought my Mac. It’s like a 15-year dream finally come true.

iMac on the bus

Who says iMacs aren't portable?

Let me tell you, few things are as joyous as the moment when I plugged it in and that screen lit up. It was magic, enhanced by all 27 inches of screen.

I’ve lugged all kinds of stuff on a bus before. Faux Christmas trees, giant pencils. Mannequins. Other computers. Bringing a new iMac box on the bus turns heads. It starts conversations. It could seat two, if two people had to sit on the box.

So what have I done with this new bad boy? Well, mostly I have been configuring settings and installing updates. I’ll be upgrading to Mountain Lion the moment I get my download code. I’ve also started trying to iron out all the annoyances with my iTunes library. That’s going slowly.

So big, I can't fit it all in one picture

So big, I can't fit it all in one picture

A few things I’ve noticed:

  • This screen looks far bigger in my room than it does at the store
  • I’m far more productive (at least so far) on a desktop than a laptop
  • Everything runs smoothly – I had indeed been suffering
  • I’ve barely touched my poor iPad in the last 24 hours

I need to find $2000 on the street

I am the world’s worst blogger.

I see many great people who blog daily, weekly, biweekly, or whenever they feel like it. And usually, they feel like it every few days! I always feel like I will, yet somehow I just run out of time. Perhaps I should just be more disciplined and allot a block of time every few days. Work out a schedule. Put to use this iPad of mine, perhaps?

What I like to believe in my head is that it’s unproductivity as a result of poor tools. The Dell laptop I’ve had since 2008 is really on its last breaths (not even, since the fans don’t work properly. To use my laptop in this crazy hot summer, it has it’s own oscillating fan), and I’ve been postponing lots of projects until I get a new computer. Podcasting. Blogging. Video. Photo even.

At this point, I’m ready to embrace the full Apple ecosystem: iPhone, iPad, iMac. I’ve wanted an iMac ever since those futuristic, blue, all-in-one machines started popping up in my middle school. Thankfully, they’ve evolved quite a bit since those CRT days. I can’t help but go and play with them whenever I find myself in an Apple store or one of those blue and yellow monstrosities of an electronics store.

There’s just one small problem: I need a good 200 unmelted Bordens (we don’t use that in Canada, do we?) to get one. They start at just $1199, but add a few hundred for better performance, and may as well add a few hundred for extra inches (insert size joke here), and before you know it, you’re looking at the cost of a crazy awesome adventure – that sits on your desk.

Fall. 2012. So long as nobody announces thinner lighter iMac with Retina display (because I know it’s coming).


I went on a little adventure looking for an Ottawa installation called Balancing, only to discover it’s been gone since 2008. Oops. So I found a couple of new sculptures (and a couple of classics) to enjoy instead!

201207_18_01 - Tall Cello

201207_18_03 - Twist Up

201207_18_04 - Two of Three Watchmen

201207_18_05 - Under a Spider

106 – Mosaika

201009_11_03 - Mosaika III

201009_11_05 - Mosaika V

201009_11_07 - Mosaika VII

I finally got a chance to see Mosaika! After a pretty rainy week, Prashanta, Susma, and I went on a clear, almost cold night…. and the hill was packed! That probably had to do with the night being so nice and it being the final weekend for the light and sound show projected onto the Parliament building.

The show was good! I remember going down when I was younger and being bored by the imagery. I had seen the show a few years back and thought it was ok. This year’s show was really something! While I didn’t cry at any point like the producer had promised during various interviews, I thought the colours and imagery were crisp and beautiful, and some of the effects (ie bricks towards the end) were extremely clever. I also loved how the story was told, through various stories and thoughts of regular Canadians. It wasn’t a narration, I wasn’t being lectured to.

The only thing that would have made the show better was if we had a full-on view of the canvas! We were kinda stuck behind the bleachers… but still managed to enjoy the show. Here’s hoping they keep doing new shows every so often (every year would be nice…) with this new tech, because I’d definitely keep going back!

We capped the evening off, filled with a sense of patriotism but not without the observation that Parliament is really a funny place to have such a show given how much fighting goes on in there, with another big Canadian thing: Tim Horton’s. Now that they have Apple Cider again, I really must visit as much as I can!

201009_11_10 - Staying Warm

201009_11_12 - The More Things Change...

I repeat: Tim Horton’s has apple cider. Go now!

Still here? Ok. On other news, I bought a tablet over the weekend. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to use it to learn how to draw in Photoshop, and use it for a few other things. My first attempt was really born out of not really knowing what I wanted to draw.

Jimmy 2010

016 – YATAA!

200708_28_02 - Sleepyhead
Me, fake sleeping for the world to see.

200708_28_01 - Metroid Store Display
Nintendo cares a bit about Metroid, as shown with some in-store singage at HMV.

200708_31_01 -  Orange you Glad
Someone’s a little too excited to have a mouthful of orange.

200708_31_06 - Unexpected Laughter
I’m funny, so funny that I cause laughter. HAHAHAHA.

200708_31_07 - Reaching
I’m coming after you.

200708_31_09 - Emergency
Fire alarm triggers call upon the fire professionals. They were unimpressed with the false alarm, and didn’t even stop to pose.

200709_02_03 - Incandescence
Change that bulb!

200709_05_01 - Exactly!
Susma is back from Nepal!

200709_06_01 - Identification
GO ahead, ID me.

A huge burden has been lifted for me. My computer is finally running normally again! At least, it’s not bogged down to the point that I want to throw it across the room: applications seem to open quickly and run smoothly, I don’t have to close everything running in the background to check my email, and msn doesn’t freeze whenever i click on a new window! I haven’t tested out some web-related issues I’ve had for months now (that not even Firefox could fix for me), but I’ll get to that soon. This is a good thing, simply because I don’t want to get bogged down by annoying computer issues as the school year is starting up. It doesn’t hurt either that I want to get the occasional Maple Story game in here and there.

And N-Philes! I haven’t been able to get in around there in so long, thanks to my web issues. As a result, I’ve been nearly completely out of the gaming loop for an unusually long amount of time.

How exactly did I finally manage this feat? I uninstalled Norton Antivirus! The program would start out pretty average, but within a short amount of time, it would eat up my memory like a monkey would a bunch of bananas! So the best way to deal with it was to remove it entirely. That may not have fixed the computer – it may end up being just a temporary fix. At some point, I will reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows and all of it’s components. Or, I’ll get a new laptop. But that option is a costly one and I’d like to avoid it, as much as I would love a brand new gadget.

The important thing is that maybe now, I’ll be avoiding online (this blog, for example) less. Even though before I don’t really know what I did. Haha.

My next post will have pictures from a concert I went to last wee. Dan and I went and checked out K-Os. The opening acts were really interesting. More on that next time!

014 – Claire Bennet should be the newest Disney Princess

My lack of updates lately have less to do with a lack of excitement than it does me avoiding my computer for anything other than basic email. My computer has to die. It’s already dead. I’m typing on an undead laptop, running Windows Zombie. There might be a silver bullet labelled “reformat” in it’s future… or would that be more of a “bring me to life” pill, akin to Viagra? Do silver bullets even stop zombies, or is that more of a werewolf kinda thing? Either way, my computer has to be fixed soon, or I’ll become even more crazy.

In fact, there’s been much excitement on my end since my last update. So much so that I can’t put too many things on at once, your browser might explode. Like mine does! First things first, I started working part-time at the Disney Store (note the lower-case “the”; it isn’t “The Disney Store,” it’s “Disney Store”). Someone, after a summer of joblessness, has hired me just as the fall swing of things start up. But so far, I’m really enjoying it. The store itself is really busy, and has all kinds of Disney goodness, but I’m picking it all up really quickly (I now know all my Disney Princesses). SO yeah, it’s busy and a lot of work, but pretty fun. You hear horrors in retail, but this seems to be pretty horror-free. Though there was the one time i set off an alarm by opening the emergency door in the back. Haha. Oops.

I’ll keep it through the fall and do the whole job and school thing that I’ve been avoiding forever and ever. And if I survive the Christmas shopping season, then I can handle anything. Maybe. Just don’t cut my arm or anything… that would hurt. I’m not a cheerleader or anything…

Which of course brings me to my newest DVD acquisition: Heroes season 1. Sooooo good. Rewatching the earlier episodes is a bit of a treat since you get to notice all the little things you missed the first time around. And by you, I mean me. I’m disappointed in the episode commentaries and the cheesy mind reader game, but the deleted scenes are a treat. I really can’t wait until season 2.

That is all for now because I have to go.