101 – Is there an iPhone in my future? Plus Movie Reviews!

I really like the iPod Touch. I’ve wanted one since the first hit the market, but held off up until a couple of weeks ago, when I thought I had lost my friend’s sister’s Nano that I’ve been using this year (which I later found in my pants pocket in the laundry). I bought it with the idea that, if I really did like the device, I would return it and get an iPhone 4 once my cell contract expires this September.

Supposedly, it has a really nice screen, though my left-handedness might interfere with you know, calls.

Interestingly, I find the iPod (or smart devices in general) much better e-social devices than the computer. Where have I been all this time? I’m on MSN, Facebook, Twitter, and all these social tools much more, and reading what other people update. But I really do need a camera and internet connectivity – hence iPhone upgrading… They better be readily available in 2 months.

Or maybe I’ll find some other smart phone between now and then.

Movie Nights, Zip.Ca, and wonderful Pixar releases have allowed me to see a whole whack of movies lately. Here are a bunch of one-line reviews:

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past: The ghosts weren’t even girlfriends, and the end was perhaps the biggest disappointment since the third Matrix Movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: An intriguing hook, surrounded by wonderful makeup, effects, storytelling, and art direction, that just didn’t resonate with me like it probably wanted to.

The Tale of Despereaux: A brilliant trailer for a terribly thought out movie that could have been sooo much better.

Watchmen: I couldn’t even sit through the first hour.

First Daughter: You shouldn’t have a romantic comedy with two characters that have zero chemistry.

Casablanca: I’m sure it was worth all the praise 65 years ago, but for a movie with great one-liners still used today, I had a hard time following the characters and what was really going on.

Hannah Montana Movie: While surprisingly better than I expected, it was wholeheartedly unrealistic.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: An enjoyable movie that I probably should have seen in 3D (but the monkey voice translator pales compared to Dug’s collar).

Yes Man: A fair rental that made me want to say “yes” to the next 20 things that came my way, but otherwise a forgettable Jim Carrey Movie.

Zack and Miri: So many plot holes in a movie that falls in the middle of my ranked Kevin Smith movies! Kevin Smith does this on purpose and it kinda annoys me.

Toy Story 3: Pixar impressively integrates tons of new characters into a 15-year old franchise and caps what will no doubt top (or at least rank high) in best trilogies lists to come. SO AMAZING.

Now, here’s an assortment of photos I’ve taken with my ageing cell phone over the last year (haha, yes. year. I hardly ever download pics from it… even more reason for an iPhone?):

200907_06_01k - Postman

200910_29_01k - Old Baseline

200911_08_01k - Serene

200912_29_01k - Push Lever "Slowly"

201002_12_02k - Wonder Woman

201006_09_01k - Droplets at Night

201006_19_02k - Dressed Up

201006_26_01k - Cities and Settlements

201007_22_01k - Freeze

201007_23_02k - Rubik's Cube

068 – Angus burgers Look Kinda Gross When Photographed Half-Eaten

200903_02_03k - I Believe in you

200903_06_01k - Waiting for Prashanta

200903_04_01k - Morning Commute

200903_07_01 - Painted Turtle

200903_07_03 - Spots

200903_07_04 - Angus Burger with Cheese and Bacon

Usage Stats for the last month:
Text message sent: 1007
Picture messages sent: 64
Internet bandwidth use (60GB max): 60.95GB

I think the bill is available tomorrow, so I’ll get more details. It’s just a good thing I have MY5 because that many texts and picmessages could otherwise be very expensive.

Also, I should be in class right now, but I kinda slept in.

Photos: inspiring graffiti, waiting for Prashanta, bus, wine, lights, burger.

047 – Wind Gods and Ringtunes

October is here, and my room is freezing cold. I really think I need to reinsulate the window area, and possibly get a new window. My plan is to go, hire the worst guy possible, then complain to Mike Holmes. In response, he’ll come here, ask how on earth someone whose job was to insulate a wall and replace a window used 17 junction boxes in the process. After a few words like “unbelievable”, he’ll fix it for me, add a shiny new seat and electrical surge protector, and proclaim that he “love his job”. Simple, no?

In other news, I’ve dusted off my Wii. It’s sad how I’ve become accustomed to not having the time to play such fandangled devices. In a rare spurt of energy, I went and beat Lostwinds, a WiiWare game that I bought back in May and stoppe dplaying after all of 41 minutes. It is a great little game, one that I’d love to have seen more of (seeing as I beat it after another 3 hours). Hoping to continue the trend of actually playing the games that I’ve bought, I moved the Wii back to the living room. It gets more light there.

My DS is far from neglected though. After I get to finishing Kirby, I’ll get back to The World Ends With You until the new Castlevania arrives. I hope there’s a last minute pre-order bonus with it, though.

Which leads me to movies. The last ones I saw were Bee Movie (cute, but not Pixar by a long shot), A Dog’s Breakfast (funny, but not as amazing as I was hoping, despite Rachel Luttrell yummy cameo), and National Treasure : Book of Secrets (much better than the first, surprisingly). I’m working on Hello, Dolly. Walter Matthau is about 30 years younger than what I know him as. It’s quite something.

Lastly, I have a new ringtune for my phone, in celebration of Halloween. Listen.

012 – Three Point Two

I haven’t blogged in some time, but I have a really good reason: Maple Story. A friend of mine suggested I check it out. Not having much else to do, I did. Maple story is what the enthusiast would call an MMORPG, an adventure game where people from all over play together online. The charming thing about it is that it’s bright and colourful, and in 2D. It’s simple but deep… and that’s what caught me about it.

Here I am, taking on a King Slime all by myself.

And that’s also what has push me back into reality. Loneliness. The odd here is that I typically don’t enjoy playing adventure games with other people, but with Maple Story comes a strange but strong sense of community play. Aside from the rare event when I’d be partied up with someone, I was never really part of anything. Yeah I got into guilds early on, but I was never a high enough level for that to mean much. So instead of futilely leveling to no end (or trying to recruit friends to play), it’s probably best for me to just walk away. Not that I’m one to ever do what’s best…

Plus the game itself doesn’t do a great job at explaining itself to new players. I just get lost easily.

On the flip side, I finally got that new cell phone! I figured that the Sony Ericsson K790 is sexier and has a form more suited to my taste than the other one. Style is expensive! But ultimately I hope it’ll pay off. I just have to deal with putting in nice ring tunes and maybe some nice background or something. Of course the standout feature is the 3.2MP camera on the back. So I went ahead and tried it out!

Photos: Me freshly clean and dressed, my cousin that I took to the game store so he can buy Madden 08 (I got Brain Age 2 for my mom and me), my mom and I posing for the picture that shows up when “home” calls, my cousins and their cat getting in on the 3.2MPness.

200708_22_01 - Sony Ericsson

200708_22_03 - Gangsta Style

200708_22_05 - Cheeky

200708_22_06 - In Ur Familyz

010 – Men on a Hot Tin Roof

200708_08_01 - Game Boy Printer

200708_08_04 - TARDIS Reinforcement

200708_08_05 - Rehearsal

200708_10_01 - Men on a Roof

Oh, the Game Boy Printer. You gotta love technology that is so ahead of its time that it’s practically useless. Somehow, it got added to the Doctor Who TARDIS design. And I love it. There’s been talk about that production wrapping up for the summer seeing that time is fairly constrained. I guess that means that I’m going to have to burn all of my lovely behind-the-scenes stuff and tuck it away somewhere until then. It surely is pretty amazing how quickly time can fly if given the opportunity.

Speaking of technology, it’s the time to be cell phone shopping. Because I’m more into looking at those little miracles of portability, I’ve noticed that the newest lines of phones are pretty terrible. Razrs (well, Motorola’s whole line), sliding phones, double-sided phones… they’re all ugly. No one phone is a stand out for me. The exception to this rule is the Sony Ericsson line of things. And I don’t know if I’m necessarily attracted to them rather than just being repelled the least.

Above are the W810 and the K790. The one on the right is certainly more attractive, sleeker, and more my style… it’s also $100 more. But those are the only two phones that I’m considering. No Chocolate, no Razr, Krzr, Katana… No more Hello Moto ringtune I guess (not that I ever used it). I know I should go with the one on the left, but I know I’ll go with the one on the right. Even though I shouldn’t. The 3.2MP camera is nice, but I’ve already got a really nice camera. See my dilemma?

Photos: Open Wounds shooting, Men on the roof.

I have a story about those men on the roof. They were reshingling at 8 in the morning. Without warning. How rude.