I need to find $2000 on the street

I am the world’s worst blogger.

I see many great people who blog daily, weekly, biweekly, or whenever they feel like it. And usually, they feel like it every few days! I always feel like I will, yet somehow I just run out of time. Perhaps I should just be more disciplined and allot a block of time every few days. Work out a schedule. Put to use this iPad of mine, perhaps?

What I like to believe in my head is that it’s unproductivity as a result of poor tools. The Dell laptop I’ve had since 2008 is really on its last breaths (not even, since the fans don’t work properly. To use my laptop in this crazy hot summer, it has it’s own oscillating fan), and I’ve been postponing lots of projects until I get a new computer. Podcasting. Blogging. Video. Photo even.

At this point, I’m ready to embrace the full Apple ecosystem: iPhone, iPad, iMac. I’ve wanted an iMac ever since those futuristic, blue, all-in-one machines started popping up in my middle school. Thankfully, they’ve evolved quite a bit since those CRT days. I can’t help but go and play with them whenever I find myself in an Apple store or one of those blue and yellow monstrosities of an electronics store.

There’s just one small problem: I need a good 200 unmelted Bordens (we don’t use that in Canada, do we?) to get one. They start at just $1199, but add a few hundred for better performance, and may as well add a few hundred for extra inches (insert size joke here), and before you know it, you’re looking at the cost of a crazy awesome adventure – that sits on your desk.

Fall. 2012. So long as nobody announces thinner lighter iMac with Retina display (because I know it’s coming).


I went on a little adventure looking for an Ottawa installation called Balancing, only to discover it’s been gone since 2008. Oops. So I found a couple of new sculptures (and a couple of classics) to enjoy instead!

201207_18_01 - Tall Cello

201207_18_03 - Twist Up

201207_18_04 - Two of Three Watchmen

201207_18_05 - Under a Spider

050 – Day Two

200812_11_03 - Snowshoes

200812_11_04 - Ploughed Bike Path

200812_11_07 - Winter Sun

200812_11_08 - Deserted

200812_11_10 - Undisturbed

200812_11_12 - Cattail

200812_11_15 - Trio

The benefit of not having buses is that I won’t hear the early morning bus go by if I’m up at 4AM and 5AM. I haven’t been up that late in a long time.

I had to go to school for a meeting, so I walked. I brought along my newly-acquired snowshoes so that I could take the bike path that cuts through the Centrepointe area. This path is faster than taking any major roads from my house. After the recent blizzard, I figured the path would be travelled, but difficult (hence the snowshoes), but to be surprise, it was completely ploughed! On my way home, I donned the snowshoes and walked around Centrepointe park – at least until the battery in my camera died.

Is walking a realistic alternative to public transit? It is in some cases. For instance, the walk to school was a pleasant one, given that the weather was nice. And to be honest, it isn’t something I’ve ever done. The only time I had not taken the bus to get to school was the one time I biked along that same path earlier this fall. The 40-50 minutes it takes might get old over time though, especially if it got really cold.

I do, however, really like the idea of showshoeing. I hated it back in elementary school when we would use the big, heavy wooden ones. Not too long ago, I got the idea that I would like to try it again, with a more modern, aluminum set. I figured since I love winter so much, I should go and do more outdoorsy activities, beyond skating on the canal (which I hate and only do once a year). Perhaps I’ll actually try snowboarding this year. It looks so easy in 1080 and SSX, after all!

Day two wasn’t much of an issue, even less so than yesterday was. As I ponder how I’ll get to and from work over the weekend, I’m hoping that the City and the transit union stop acting like fourth graders and start actually trying to resolve their issues. At least the union leader isn’t doing interviews anymore. A 10-year old could give better interviews – 10-year olds are in the 4th grade, after all.

Speaking of which, I did see Dan in Real Life last night. It was a surprisingly good movie, with actors in roles in which you don’t often seem them. It also makes me not want to wait to have children. That movie might have caused a strange dream in which I was introducing to my family two women (one slightly younger and one significantly older, though neither are people I actually know) who were pregnant by me. However, it was all elaborate, like a reality show, with all kinds ot twists and turns and “you’ll find out… when we come back!”-esque moments. I guess that would be the best way to go about such a situation.

034 – Nothing like the fresh scent of Febreeze and a graveyard hunt

200803_31_01 - Tag

200804_01_01 - Dunton

200804_01_05 - No Dumping, No Parking

200804_01_06 - Winter Ice Melting

200804_01_08 - Just Did it (Now What?)

200804_01_09 - Armored Beast Powered by SUN

200804_02_01 - Tidydification in Progress

200804_02_02 - Cards Ahoy!

200804_02_03 - Happy Birthday Ben

Photos: Bus ride, Carleton U avast, No dumping on the big pile of snow, road ice melting, a shoe unearthed, anime-style armored beast with special guest SUN as it’s powering sphere of light, messy room made messier in my attempts to tidy it, cards, locker art.

Perhaps as a nod to a friend of mine on Livejournal, I’ve decided to clean out my room (see pictures), organize stuff, and weed out things that I don’t really need or want… including sifting through the three random drawers of mostly random stuff that I have. Back in high school, I’d take my cheapo film camera with me and take pictures (much like I do now, but with less apprehension taking shots of people) and get double prints so that my friends can take pictures they wanted. Well, the (many) leftover got chucked. I know I have copies in photo albums, so they just went ploof! It’s a darned good thing I have a digital camera now, and Flickr.

Gone are tons of high school class notes. If ever I need some cosine laws, I’ll search Wikipedia.

I kept all of my Christmas and birthday cards though! There’s something about a card that I just want to keep. Included in those are some “happy birthday” art left on my locker in high school. Is it bad that high school was oh so long ago? I don’t want to be old yet!

I also reorganized my unusual collection of penguin plushes. Crazy penguins. All those eyes staring. I hope I never bring a girl home; they’re liable to scare her away…. Scratch that. I’ll just buy a throw blanket ;D

And my Xbox is finally beside my television and not halfway across the room. That makes me happy.

In other news, yesterday after my presentation, I went on an adventure to try to find the OC Transpo Graveyard, where you can find all the city buses that are beyond repair. I didn’t quite make it, but some intense staring at Google Earth told me that I was very close. I can’t wait to actually make it there! My hype for this place is so high that it may actually beat “the sound made by crushing plastic bins in a garbage compactor” as most awesome find of the year. Most of the pictures I posted were taken on this mini-adventure.

Or plan out a large-scale adventure! School is almost done! Oh, and if you haven’t already, please read Questionable Content, from the beginning. It’s pretty cool (plus has robots with death rays).