Confessions of a Disneyholic

Cars 2 opens this weekend and I’m not even excited. In fact, my excitement level hasn’t been this low for a Pixar movie since Ratatouille (important note, Ratatouille was the last Pixar movie released before I started working at The Disney Store), and I think that’s because I wasn’t a fan of Cars. Don’t get me wrong, it was a decent film, but it was certainly my least favourite of Pixar’s roster. It’s no Up or Wall•E or Finding Nemo.

That the Cars universe has explosions and choppers and international locales (I think the Mater’s Tales shorts had all these, actually) hasn’t really swayed me, and seeing the main billing as Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy doesn’t help either. That said, I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by what I’m sure will be a high octane sequel. The near Abramsian secrecy around the content of the movie, which Pixar has shown on their projects of late, will hopefully ensure many surprises.

Since the first Cars, Pixar’s storytelling has jumped to a whole other level. compare Toy Story 2′s level of emotion to that in Toy Story 3. Whole. Other. Level. Plus John Lasseter is such the man at Disney these days that nothing leaves their magic factories without his approval… And his hands are all over this movie!

As the reviews start pouring in, I’m sure that we’ll get to know whether Cars 2 is a great movie by Pixar standards, by regular Hollywood standards, or if it’s a run of the mill sequel. One thing is certain though, every boy aged 3 to 10 will be seeing it. Twice if they get their way. I’ll probably brave the crowds and see the movie, as to not break the tradition of seeing every Pixar movie in theaters since Finding memo (minus Ratatouille). If not for the cars, for the Toy Story short. Who knows? Lightning McQueen and Mater might convert me into a true Cars fan!

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