111 – Mountains in the Parking Lot

201102_10_01i - Mountain

201102_10_02i - Beyond this Point

201102_10_03i - Bayview

Perhaps the best thing about Winter is snow. It’s amazing how it can completely change the look of the land- and cityscapes. Unfortunately, in order to be able to get anywhere, it needs to be put somewhere. Often, it’s in a corner of a parking lot, which creates a sizable mountain that, as a kid, I loved to climb. Because there were no nearby hills to slide down (that I knew about, but I have since discovered a few…) these mountains of unwanted snow were where I would toboggan and slide and dig out forts. They were canvases where a young Ben could let his imagination go.

I haven’t climbed any this year. Yet.

The flip side of winter is the cold. When you aren’t playing, when you have to go from point A to B (or when I’m commuting home, A to B to C to D), the cold is a nuisance. Salt stains everything an undesirable grey, and waiting 10 minutes feels like an hour. Seeing your bus pull away as you run to the platform is the most depressing sight, because it means waiting 10 minutes, or 30 minutes.

Lately, I’ve decided to walk home rather than wait for that bus that just doesn’t line up with the other ones. I get home at about the same time, but walking and moving around in the cold, I think, is more desirable than standing still… as long as it’s not a piercing cold blowing right at you!

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