063 – Wine & Whine

2008_06_06_k01 - Bicycle Remains

2008_06_10_k03 - Approaching Storm

2008_06_16_k01 - London Fog

2008_07_01_k01 - Familiar Faces

2008_07_09_k01 - Soccer Ball Head

2008_07_12_k01 - <3

2008_07_29_k01 - Italian Tomatoes (product of Mexico)

2008_07_31_k01 - Pictionary in a Can

2008_08_16_k01 - Squish

2008_09_13_k01 - Mask

Pictures: A bunch of random ones that I took with my cell phone over the summer.

I often forget to dump the pictures that I take with my cell phone, and when I do, I often forget to upload them to Flickr. Well, this is part one!

Disneyworld is 66 days away. Time is going so quick! However, before I can get on a place, I need to deal with assignments, midterms, presentations, and finals, not necessarily in that order. Those are the parts that I’m not looking forward to.

There are three drinks that I can’t see myself ever liking are coffee, wine, and beer. Last night, I decided to buy some wine just to see if maybe the “10 times” rule that Prashanta is always on about could apply. After talking to the guy at Wine Rack, I decided to try a pinot grigio, based on the fact that I was looking for something simple. It was alright in the sense that I actually managed to finish a glass (or two?). Some have already suggested that I try red wines… we’ll see! If there are any specific suggestions, let me know!

Yogurt commercials are strange, all womany happily eating yogurt with each other.

I recently watched Be Kid, Rewind. The start was a bit slow, and the end was somewhat frustrating, but the middle part was pretty entertaining. I think the most disappointing part was that the movies that the characters would remake in 20 minutes were watchable online, and not in the movie itself – not even in the credits.

On the tv front, Dollhouse is proving to be an interesting show with twists and whatnot – hopefully it can sustain this beyond a couple of episodes. Heroes is proving to be average with touches of excitement that keeps me interested. Mad Men (I’m jsut starting) isn’t proving to be anything special after 3 eps, beyond its authentic old school 60s theme (not that I was alive in that day and age with which to compare).

Interesting link: http://www.cscoutjapan.com/en/index.php/eco-art-the-green-island-project

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