030 – Flavours of a Quarter

200712_20_02 - Victory
With Michele at LaserQuest.

200712_20_06 - Winter Waterflow
Hog’s Back on a winter night

200712_24_01 - Peace, Yo
Ho Ho Ho, Yo

200712_26_04 - Heart Chicken
Chicken Love

200712_26_05 - Torso

200801_01_01 - Drunken Lights
Lights through a glass

200801_01_04 - New Year's Snow
Wintery New Year scene

200801_29_02 - Trust in Me
Giant Kaa’s hypnosis

200802_03_05 - Black and White Ball Return
Bowling Ball Return

200802_03_08 - Granny Bowl
Granny Bowling

200802_19_01 - Bully and the Beast
Bully and Me

200802_19_03 - Close Up
Bully– Buddy loves his picture taken

200802_19_05 - Give Up
Surviving a Sister Attack

200803_04_01 - Reflective Visor
Halo Helmet

200803_04_02 - Master Cheif's Helmet
Master Chief in my Bedroom

200803_11_01 Icicles
I want to ride my icicle

200803_12_02 - Sidewalk in a Snowbank
Sidewalk through a snowbank

It’s been too long since my last update! So I guess I owe everyone a happy Christmas, New Year, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s day, Family Day (where applicable), reading week, and now, March Break. But I beat St Patrick’s day… so that’ll come in a separate entry.

I’ve noticed that the number of updates I make is somewhat proportional to how many days I got out with my camera. I haven’t taken very many pictures this year so far. No particular reason why… I just haven’t done a whole lot worth noting. Other than bowling to benefit children with and at risk of Autism, where I bowled an impressive turkey. It was certainly a highlight – that and the pancakes my cobowlers had afterwards. Haha.

I remembered that I wanted to get my bike tuned up while still taking advantage of my “one year of free tune-ups” that came when I got my bike March 31, 2007. Well, my year is approaching it’s end! And if you take a look at the last picture that I posted in this entry, it’s pretty clear that winter is still kicking around. I don’t know how I’ll get to the store just yet.

In other news, I won a Dalmatian canvas print! It’s all that hard work that I do. My dvd collection has increased a bit (star trek ds9 seasons 4 and 5, stargate ark of truth, 101 dalmatians, toy story 2, pixar shorts collection, etc…..), as has my game collection. Professor Layton on DS is awesome. Zak and Wiki for Wii is awesome! Smash Bros Brawl’s music is certainly the highlight of that whole package, which is saying something because it’s a fantastic package to begin with.

And Sarah Slean is tooo awesome. Please listen to her songs: Go Home, So Many Miles, Notes from the Underground. I’m also eagerly awaiting Alanis’ Flavors of Entanglement – first new Alanis in about 4 years? Watch the single video here: Underneath Video. That song itself isn’t that exciting… but I can’t wait for the album!

Oh, and everyone should have a giant Kaa.

I hope everyone is well! Look for more updates soon!

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