019 – To Vote and Vote Not

Yesterday was democracy at work – and it smelled dusty and stale, not unlike the smell I imagine lingering around attics or retirement homes. Fortunately, democracy was also bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. How impressive! There was a provincial election in Ontario, one the Liberals won again. There was also a referendum, so I gave my opinion on a mixed member proportional system of government.

My poll station found itself this time around in an old, small nearby church, one in which I’ve never been – nor really had a desire to visit (surprisingly, I don’t have any pictures of it on flickr and i didn’t have my camera with me yesterday). I was impressed at how big it is, compared to how small it looks from the outside. Inside, I was surprised to find signs of life, little clues that people actually visit – books, art, names painted and quilted together by children.

In movies, I saw Resident Evil Apocalypse recently. It was better than i expected. I enjoyed it, though was disappointed with the cliffhanger ending.

I also watched To Have and Have Not, a movie from the 40s. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, her first movie. My mom was named after that woman. It’s hard to imagine a time when movies were presented in 4×3, though I know when and why they moved to a wider format). It was a pretty cool movie to see. I think I should see more of these classic movies, or at least movies the black and white variety. It’s always fun to see where these famous lines come from, “Just put your lips together and blow.” and whatnot. Perhaps I’ll add more older movies in my diet.

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