016 – YATAA!

200708_28_02 - Sleepyhead
Me, fake sleeping for the world to see.

200708_28_01 - Metroid Store Display
Nintendo cares a bit about Metroid, as shown with some in-store singage at HMV.

200708_31_01 -  Orange you Glad
Someone’s a little too excited to have a mouthful of orange.

200708_31_06 - Unexpected Laughter
I’m funny, so funny that I cause laughter. HAHAHAHA.

200708_31_07 - Reaching
I’m coming after you.

200708_31_09 - Emergency
Fire alarm triggers call upon the fire professionals. They were unimpressed with the false alarm, and didn’t even stop to pose.

200709_02_03 - Incandescence
Change that bulb!

200709_05_01 - Exactly!
Susma is back from Nepal!

200709_06_01 - Identification
GO ahead, ID me.

A huge burden has been lifted for me. My computer is finally running normally again! At least, it’s not bogged down to the point that I want to throw it across the room: applications seem to open quickly and run smoothly, I don’t have to close everything running in the background to check my email, and msn doesn’t freeze whenever i click on a new window! I haven’t tested out some web-related issues I’ve had for months now (that not even Firefox could fix for me), but I’ll get to that soon. This is a good thing, simply because I don’t want to get bogged down by annoying computer issues as the school year is starting up. It doesn’t hurt either that I want to get the occasional Maple Story game in here and there.

And N-Philes! I haven’t been able to get in around there in so long, thanks to my web issues. As a result, I’ve been nearly completely out of the gaming loop for an unusually long amount of time.

How exactly did I finally manage this feat? I uninstalled Norton Antivirus! The program would start out pretty average, but within a short amount of time, it would eat up my memory like a monkey would a bunch of bananas! So the best way to deal with it was to remove it entirely. That may not have fixed the computer – it may end up being just a temporary fix. At some point, I will reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows and all of it’s components. Or, I’ll get a new laptop. But that option is a costly one and I’d like to avoid it, as much as I would love a brand new gadget.

The important thing is that maybe now, I’ll be avoiding online (this blog, for example) less. Even though before I don’t really know what I did. Haha.

My next post will have pictures from a concert I went to last wee. Dan and I went and checked out K-Os. The opening acts were really interesting. More on that next time!

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