014 – Claire Bennet should be the newest Disney Princess

My lack of updates lately have less to do with a lack of excitement than it does me avoiding my computer for anything other than basic email. My computer has to die. It’s already dead. I’m typing on an undead laptop, running Windows Zombie. There might be a silver bullet labelled “reformat” in it’s future… or would that be more of a “bring me to life” pill, akin to Viagra? Do silver bullets even stop zombies, or is that more of a werewolf kinda thing? Either way, my computer has to be fixed soon, or I’ll become even more crazy.

In fact, there’s been much excitement on my end since my last update. So much so that I can’t put too many things on at once, your browser might explode. Like mine does! First things first, I started working part-time at the Disney Store (note the lower-case “the”; it isn’t “The Disney Store,” it’s “Disney Store”). Someone, after a summer of joblessness, has hired me just as the fall swing of things start up. But so far, I’m really enjoying it. The store itself is really busy, and has all kinds of Disney goodness, but I’m picking it all up really quickly (I now know all my Disney Princesses). SO yeah, it’s busy and a lot of work, but pretty fun. You hear horrors in retail, but this seems to be pretty horror-free. Though there was the one time i set off an alarm by opening the emergency door in the back. Haha. Oops.

I’ll keep it through the fall and do the whole job and school thing that I’ve been avoiding forever and ever. And if I survive the Christmas shopping season, then I can handle anything. Maybe. Just don’t cut my arm or anything… that would hurt. I’m not a cheerleader or anything…

Which of course brings me to my newest DVD acquisition: Heroes season 1. Sooooo good. Rewatching the earlier episodes is a bit of a treat since you get to notice all the little things you missed the first time around. And by you, I mean me. I’m disappointed in the episode commentaries and the cheesy mind reader game, but the deleted scenes are a treat. I really can’t wait until season 2.

That is all for now because I have to go.

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